How to Ethically Steal Good Marketing Ideas – Make More Money And Work Less

Good Marketing Ideas are the foundation of successful marketing and
successful marketing is at the heart of all successful businesses. So, the more good marketing ideas you use the more successful you become.

Now, why are you marketing your business using the same methods that aren’t working well for other businesses like yours either? Isn’t it time you got some kick-butt marketing ideas in place so you can start living the dream your business was supposed to deliver?

Hope And Prayer Marketing

Let’s face it, you don’t like the idea of having to market your business. You just want to do what you do best, which is working at or in your business. Well, you’re not alone in that thought, most business owners just want to work their business. Do what they do best.

A dentist wants to fix teeth, mechanics want to fix cars, photographers want to take pictures and builders want to build things. You won’t hear many business owners speaking in an excited manner about how they love marketing their products or services, well, other than me.

And frankly, most business owners don’t have a solid clue about what to do or how to do it when it comes to low-cost effective marketing to increase their bottom line. They look at other businesses like theirs and do the same hope and prayer marketing, and then wait …

I call that striving for mediocrity

But why strive for mediocrity when good marketing ideas are all around you ripe for the picking. That would be like trying to reinvent the wheel. Right now, somewhere in the world people who are much better at it, have already created and tested good marketing ideas for you. All you need to do is find them and copy them.

Did you know it wasn’t a hamburger joint that invented the drive-up window? The first drive-up window was for the Exchange National Bank of Chicago in 1946. An enterprising fast food entrepreneur then swiped it for their business.

In 2000, when we started Life Potential Developments, we lived in a small rural area of Nova Scotia and the live trainings we did were barely keeping us alive. In 2008 we robbed and duplicated the internet video idea and created the very first official 120 hours full NLP Certification Training Online, which we now sell worldwide.

Find Good Marketing Ideas

So, how do you find these good marketing ideas? Well, the first step is to start looking around with the intention finding good marketing ideas. I’m sure you’ll agree that it stands to reason that now you are aware good marketing ideas are out there, you will be more inclined to recognize a good one when you see one.

Also, whenever you read a magazine, or surf the web or drive down the street you can start to become aware of how other businesses do their marketing and imagine if it would work with your business or not. It’s really that simple.

Start looking for your good marketing ideas now so you can finally make more money and work less.

Bob Clarke

I’m Bob Clarke, Chief Idea Guy behind Marketing Made Easy. I help tired frustrated small business owners who are not making enough money to create an online sales and marketing system that sucks money like a vacuum into their bank account instead of out like most websites do.