The 2nd Biggest Reason Why They Don’t Buy From You

“Ten and a half minutes,” Ronda said.
What? I snapped back, are you kidding me?
“Nope, he took ten and a half minutes from landing on our homepage to making the purchase. It’s a new record.”

Our business is helping people improve their lives, so every sale makes us feel good, but that sale was special because the more people that trust us, the more people we can help. And a sale made this quickly proved to us we had built undeniable trust into our website.

Trust can be the only explanation when someone buys from you within 10.5 minutes of finding you on the worldwide web.

Why They Don’t Buy

Lack of trust is the 2nd biggest reason potential buyers don’t buy from you. And it doesn’t matter if you are online or off.

That should be an obvious statement to any seller, but it’s not. Why? Because we simply don’t think about it. We are trustworthy. It’s a matter of fact. And it’s such an obvious fact to us that we don’t consider the fact that anyone would have concerns about it.

But they do. Your potential buyers have major concerns that you must lay to rest before they even think about reaching for their hard earned cash or credit cards.

Here are 3 common concerns from both the online and offline world.

  1. Am I getting the best deal?
  2. Do they have a good reputation – who else has bought from them?
  3. Do they have a money back guarantee – refund or return policy?

Why are these 3 important?

  • Because no-one likes to pay too much. (i.e., not get ripped off.)
  • They want to be sure you are safe to deal with. (i.e., not get ripped off.)
  • And if something goes wrong they want their money back. (i.e., not get ripped off.)

Do I Trust Them?

Think of who you do repeat business with locally or online and ask yourself, why? If your answer is, because I like them, that translates into “I trust them.” Not many people like people they don’t trust.

Years ago I spoke to the owner of a national company who supplied artificial plants to office buildings. He told me that breaking into the Halifax market was tough for them, even though his company had a better pricing scheme and better service than the present company that had most of the business.

Why was that, I asked? Well, he said, the local businesses had always used the other company. They knew them and trusted them. Therefore they were willing to put up with higher prices. They didn’t know us, and so we had to earn their trust.

99 Billion Served – That’s A Big Trust Sign

People go to McDonald’s not because they have the tastiest food available but because you can trust them. You trust the golden arches because you know you will get the same results whether you buy a Big Mac in London, England or London, Ontario Canada.

Big companies pay a lot of money to build trust into their brand. As a small business, you cannot afford that method. But you can use inexpensive methods to create that same trust factor solidly in your business

Trust Factor = Sales

If you own or plan on owning a business, online or off, you must work on your trust factor relentlessly. And make it as overwhelmingly obvious to your potential customers as you thought it was.

Once you have built your trust factor, then you will start to see sales increase twofold. Why? Because customers will become more loyal, giving you repeat business and they will not be afraid to recommend you to their friends and family.


Bob Clarke

I’m Bob Clarke, Chief Idea Guy behind Marketing Made Easy. I help tired frustrated small business owners who are not making enough money to create an online sales and marketing system that sucks money like a vacuum into their bank account instead of out like most websites do.